"Wedding Theme" Photograph - Prize Draw


Send in a copy of any photograph that best displays your wedding theme, (try not to include faces as all faces will have to be blurred out due to privacy purposes) the best photos received will be published on our website. Ideal photo size 500 x 500 pixels
Send to our competitions@wdtdh.co.uk. subject heading  "Photograph Prize Draw" + full name and address included in the email.

Any "wedding theme" photographs  included on the WDTDH website prior to Saturday 12th December 2020, will be included in the PRIZE DRAW to WIN £25 worth of Marks and Spencers gift vouchers!

The winner will be notified on the 11th December via email and then announced on WDTDH website, Instagram and Twitter on Saturday the 12th December 2020

All copy photograph/s received by wdtdh from the owner/sender, who, with the full intention of granting wdtdh ownership of the sent photograph/s wdtdh will be free to publish on the wdtdh website when and if they see fit.