What does the perfume "Nina" by "Nina Ricci" smell like ?

Nina by Nina Ricci - eau de toilette

Is a floral and fruity perfume that was released in the 2000s.

“Give into temptation ….
The magical fragrance by Nina Ricci” a promise of charm, enchantment and emotion …
A fresh floral perfume with a hint of toffee apple to lend femininity caressed by seduction”.

Nina by Nina Riccijpg

initial photo by ninaricci

Where to purchase?

Available from FragranceDirect get 80ml for £37.95

Here's my take on it

Description:  Rosey apple adorned with a silver lid and leaves -

Bottle Design LOVELINESS Points: I give this a 4 out of 5  ****

The Perfume

Initial thoughts:

When I first put it on, like most perfumes, starting off
strong but not in an overpowering way
It appears to be staying the distance after an hour still encompassed with the aroma.
Hoping it lasts throughout the day!

A beautiful aromatic fragrance with a familiar feel, like I, recognise it from somewhere, maybe on an evening out, so it's a popular one, definitely reminds me of good times! Feels feminine while wearing it, but not getting the toffee apple though!

Comments from others:

Aromatic, not overpowering, mellow

My vote

I give this perfume an 8/10 very happy with and would definitely buy again.


Front photo by Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels