Wedding Themes 2020 Style


A wedding doesn't have to be conventional when choosing a wedding theme is as broad as your imagination, from a Fairy-tale (Cinderella) theme to a Woodland Forest theme, anything can be made possible! You just need to decide on what you are both into, once you have decided start thinking colour, venue and quantity. 

At this point, you could choose to hire a wedding planner to help you, there are many wedding planners available and ready to make your dream become a reality.

Alternatively, this could prove to be above your budget or you might decide to D.I.Y (do it yourself), choose your own venue, food and music instead. This way you can be in control of what's included in your wedding arrangements, keeping an eye on how much you spend and staying within your budget.

So where do you begin you might ask! I suggest you start by breaking your wedding day/theme up into several parts so that you can tackle one section at a time. See the example below, I have split the "fairy-tale" theme up into 5 parts - transport, outfits, the venue, entertainment & music and food.

Section 1 - TRANSPORT

For instance, if you were to choose a fairy-tale theme you could start by thinking transport, there are places where you can hire a coach and horses that would fit in with the fairy-tale theme and arrive in style to your church/wedding venue.

your can hire a coach and horsesjpg

Section 2 - OUTFITS

Wedding outfits can also match your theme a ball gown wedding dress + magically sparkly shoes together with a princely fairy-tale suit with or without a waistcoat.


magic sparkly shoesjpg

Section 3 - THE VENUE

Then there is the venue what kind of venue would you choose to be in keeping with your fairy-tale theme well I would suggest, depending on your budget, either your nearest grand house or castle. Picture yourself pulling up in your very own fairy-tale coach and horses in front of your venue castle or grand house, then you both leaving in style in front of all of your guests, what a lovely, memorable photograph that would be!

Your nearest grand housejpg


For the entertainment, you could include a juggler or jester to keep everyone entertained throughout the day!
To keep the music also inline with your theme, during your ceremony, a sitar player or harpist or a recording of some soothing background music as you don't want it to be too imposing. Then there’s the dance music for after the wedding, you could have fun with some classical dancing maybe you could arrange for some classes in period dances along with any brothers, grooms friends male relatives, then, any sisters, bridesmaids or any female relatives to make up the numbers. This would both be fun and amusing to the guests who are not participating.  

Section 5 - FOOD

Then there's the wedding breakfast – (if your venue allows) a menu set for a medieval wedding but unlike the one from “Game of Thrones” lol, only kidding! I'm thinking crusty bread and broth/or fruit served in wooden bowls, then venison or hog roast/pastries and pies served on platters and dessert wafers cheese and candied fruits for sharing placed, centre table.  


That is just one type of “Wedding Theme” there are a lot of popular themes to consider such as the 40s, 50s, 60s,70s, 80s, 70s in particular, Woodland Forest, even Garden. Beach, Holiday, Christmas and Carnival themes. Then there's the extreme like Skydiving, Bunji-Jumping and Diving Under-Water Weddings whatever you can dream of is possible. Obviously, some of these are weather permitting and will be season based. So, it’s satisfying to know that whatever time of year there’s a theme for you!

See you next time for our "Wedding Table Décor" blog - an in-depth look at the different table decor available to buy or hire to make your tables look outstanding!

written by Sue

on behalf of WDTDH
Wedding DIY Table Décor Hire of Leicester

Photography by
Lanty and Jason Steeleon on Unsplash