Hi, today's blog is focused on planning your wedding table-décor, 

Where to start, firstly check with your wedding venue to see if they have any restrictions that might coincide with any ideas or plans you might have.

Now you can begin!


At present Birdcages, Fishbowls, Candelabra, Large Martini-Glasses and Vases full of beautiful flowers are all the rage, effective Centerpieces that can sit wonderfully with your chosen colour scheme. Additional flowers are a wonderful addition for a splash of colour to your wedding tables. These can be freshly cut flowers or artificial whichever you prefer!

Candelabra Centrepiecejpg


This all depends on whether you want bold and bright impact flower centrepieces or a small spray as used in a rustic style setting with Jute.

Natural flowers go well with rustic tables and for a  long table, the in centrepiece at the moment is to have foliage or leafy florals all the way down the full length of a table, which is then decorated with candelabra or lanterns for that warm rustic feel.

Another stunning centrepiece look is a single rose inside a cylindrical glass vase, in water beads is a cool effect. Alternatively, a small posey of flowers can add a splash of colour to the table and can be good if you like the “less is more” approach!

flowers roses glass vasesjpg


Is a great way of illuminating your tables by using different types of lighting to give from bright light to a twinkling subtle glow! Choose from vintage statement candelabra, flickering crystal t-lights, battery candles in Birdcages and Rustic Jute covered Jars with LED Lights. It is also an idea if you will be using your tables again in the evening.


From Chalk Boards, Natural-wood Holders and Crystal Holders, to traditional framed numbers or metal stand holders. Or why not be creative and design your own style. People are now choosing to use names instead of numbers. Names picked from places, herbs and flower names. Even names from their favourite Pop Bands, Singers or Groups, such as Kasabian, Oasis, Blossoms, Adele, Kylie and ZuZu.


You can’t beat a touch of creativity; origami is a great way to fashion your serviettes making them not just an essential part of your table décor but an essential decorative piece of table decor. 

Origami originates from Japan and is taken from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper"

It is fun to follow and create for yourself such a beautiful design that looks pleasantly amazing! see here


A little gift for your friends and family, traditionally a bag of sugared almonds is a way of saying “thankyou” all of which have unique

meanings such as Long-life, Happiness, Fertility, Health and Wealth.  These are given to all guests as a “thankyou” from you and your other half!

There are lots of favours available from flatpack card designs to mini bottled gifts! examples

A little gift jpg


If you are buying your table decor the best places I have found are John Lewis, The Range, and 

HIRING/RENTING - Look-out for your local wedding décor hire company - saving you £££’s when you only pay a fraction of the price!

WDTDH suppliers to Leicester/Leicestershire
At WDTDH we hire table-décor such as centrepieces, birdcages, fishbowls, candelabra, lanterns, rustic jars, vases and t-lights. table-numbers and sell table confetti, favours & decorative glass ring-charms are available for purchase.


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