As well as Table-Décor you might also be needing Wedding Props such as Signs, large Light-Up Lettering, Floor Lighting and Post-Boxes to name but a few! So today I am going to go through the most popular Wedding Props for now.

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come in all shapes and sizes, small-framed “Thankyou” signs to large floor standing chalkboard notices, signs that direct your guests to your wedding venue. The latter being of the most important, there is nothing more unsettling when your guests are panicking due to being unable to find you! Having a welcoming sign at the front entrance of your venue is always much appreciated.  

Other signs such as table signs, other chalkboard direction signs for such things as photographs, umbrellas, blankets, shoes, sign our “wedding guestbook” etc...


Are becoming more and more popular, if you want to spread the “L O V E” or you just want to remind people that you are the new “MR & MRS” a nice backdrop at your wedding breakfast or later to your dancefloor!  


Is also popular whether you are in a venue or marquee lighting arranged in the right way can make a great deal of difference to your venue. 

An inexpensive but very eyecatching Bunting Is a popular venue enhancer inside and out. 


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Can be vintage, painted or natural wood rustic style, are a pleasing aesthetically and practically. They can be used as a display for your romantic photos and decorative items like flowers, candles and good luck charms. Also, can be used as a wedding table planner so that your guest knows where they are sitting at your wedding breakfast!

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Your guest will be bringing cards to wish you both well for your future, a post box is a useful commodity. You can get them in traditional Royal Mail Post Box style, vintage or maybe a simple decorative box. Lockable ones are more secure and come complete with padlocks and keys.


Outdoor flower arches are a beautiful addition to a garden/outdoor wedding. Balloon arches for indoors and outdoors, full arches and half arches can be used to decorate many spaces like sweet stand tables and wedding cake tables.

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Come in different shapes and forms – there's inviting Doughnut Walls, Prosecco/Champagne Walls, Sweet Stands like Sweet-Carts and Sweet Tables.

Chocolate pyramids and towers make a tempting addition to your wedding venue.

Couples are now doing Cheese Dipping Tables with biscuits for dipping and the most popular and most tempting Chocolate Fountains with an option of dips such as marshmallows, biscuits, etc …  

Now that’s made me hungry I don’t know about you; I hope I have highlighted all the popular Wedding Props for you! Now go on, get buying and booking and make your wedding one of the best weddings of all time!

See you next time!

Sue W

on behalf of WDTDH
Wedding DIY Table Décor Hire of Leicester

Front Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash