Wedding Prep Pamper Day - part 3


This is the final part of my "Wedding Prep Pamper Day" blog about the choices of hair removal!

Today I am going to run through all of the different types of hair removing kits creams and products available on the market today. There quite a few methods which can be used in the privacy of your own home. ie. bleaching, shaving, creams, wax, epilators, electrolysis and light treatments, although "bleaching is not technically hair removal I have slipped it in any way as it is still an option for those of you looking for alternate ways to lose that unwanted hair. A popular brand is Jolen.


Not "Bleach" as in household cleaner but bleaching as in hair lightening. Hair lighteners such as - Jolen lightener, are easily available from your local chemist, supermarket or superstore.

The Technique - By mixing the powder with the liquid supplied to form a cream, then applying the cream to your hair, waiting for a period then rinsing it off your hair.  

The Result - Lighter hair that does not stand out like darker hair and the colour blends in with the natural skin tones so that it is not as noticeable.


There are several lady razors available on the market including manual, battery and electric razors. The most popular ones being Venus manual lady razor by Gillette, Braun battery shaver and the electric Braun silk epil.  

The Technique - Wet area, soap and glide the razor over the area to trim the hair to skin level

The Result - This removes all unsightly surface hair  

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There are also hair removal creams which are not as painful as the other hair removal methods. Well-known brands such as Immac or Veet.  

The Technique - Apply creme with spatula provided to hair the wait a few minutes before rinsing away with clean water then pat dry

The Result - Hair is removed by breaking down the keratin structure – the proteins, by thinning and dissolving the root of the hair resulting in the weakening of the hair so that it breaks off when the cream is rinsed and wiped away.

is a proven option for removing unwanted body hair on the lip, face, underarms, legs etc. Nad's Hypoallergenic Facial Wax Strips. Completely bare Bare More Ouch Less Kit, Yeelen Waxing Kit, Nair Wax Ready-Strips Hair Remover, Gigi Mini Pro Waxing Kit. Bliss Poetic Waxing Hair Removal Kit, Veet Ready-To-Use Wax Strips. If you want to see more about these kits in further detail, I found this article on the “Sun Selects” section of the “The Sun” website.  

The Technique - In traditional kits you heat the wax and then apply it to the hair with a spatula provided, then strips are placed over the wax and allowed to cool. Once the wax is cooled it grips the hair and then the strips are quickly taken away to remove the hair from the roots. If you buy the Wax Strips they are "ready to go" you just place them in the area you want to remove the hair from, stretch the skin and hold your hand over the top for a few minutes (your hand head helps the wax to become sticky and grip your hair, after a few minutes the strips are ready to quickly tear off, removing the unwanted hair!  The heating of the wax is not only to soften the wax but to heat the skin and open your pores, relaxing the hair follicles so that when the hair is removed it comes away a lot easier than if you were to just pull the hairs like as in plucking.  

The Result - It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and with no hair regrowth for up to 3 - 6 weeks this depending on how fast your hair usually grows back!

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Is another alternative way of removing hair, it looks similar to a shaver and it is permanent. An epilator removes hair as in waxing as it removes hair by pulling it from the roots. But an epilator doesn't use wax. Instead, it plucks away hair as you move the device over different areas of your body. One of the most popular ones on the market today is the Braun Silk-épil 9 9-561 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator and the other Braun Epilator Products 

The Technique - After you have gone through your daily soak and exfoliating routine, and relax (remember heat equals open pores making it easy for the hair to be removed) slowly run the epilator over your body a patch at a time, the epilator plucks out all the hairs from the roots, a little painful at first as those who pluck their eyebrows already know that it is painful at first and then, after a while, you don’t really notice, except for a little soreness just as in eyebrow plucking.  

The Result - Silky-smooth good-looking hair-free skin for up to 4 weeks.


This is a good option if you want to totally rid yourself of mostly all that irritating unwanted hair permanently.  

The Technique - The removal of the hair is achieved by placing a needle into the hair follicle next to the hair without injuring the skin and passing a shortwave radio signals into the hair follicle to kill the root so that the hair can easily be removed using tweezers. Kits come with either a probe or generally tweezers. A genuine kit will have a galvanic probe as opposed to electric tweezers. Electric tweezers are generally not as effective as the probe.

The Result - Permanent hair removal  


These are virtually painless procedures that eventually eradicate all or mostly all hair forever. The Philips Lumea is a popular make of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). This is an all-over body hair remover that is a safe and gentle way to irradicate unwanted body hair.

The Technique – It works by infiltrating a short beam of light into the hair follicles and rests them to reduce further growth. After several treatments needed to capture all new growth. Will result in the outcome.

The Result – Is the permanent removal of all unwanted hair.

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I hope you have found my blog both enjoyable and educational

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