Wedding Prep Pamper Day - part 2

When you are at the clinic, if you are opting for a Sauna, Waxing, Spray Tan, Manicure and/or Pedicure here's an idea of what you can expect.


A sauna is a good way to relax, flush away toxins as well as clean your pores all at the same time. There are different types of sauna for instance I had the pleasure of experiencing a menthol one which really helps clear your sinuses. If you haven't had a sauna you don’t know what you're missing!  When you go to the salon it is basically the same kind of process as for a massage except for when you get undressed there will be a robe, salon towel available for you to wrap around, hair wrap and slippers.

When you get to the sauna room you will find wooden benches for you to sit on. Now is the time to enjoy the soothing heat and relax, the longer you can stay the better. When you are ready it is customary to go for a cool shower this is not only a good way to cool off it is also an essential way to close the pores, just as with the facial, the light steam opens and cleans the pores. This should leave you feeling quite invigorated and your body relaxed and ready to go!

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is a proven option for removing any or all unwanted body hair ie. lip, face, underarms, legs etc. The wax is heated and then applied to the hair, then strips are placed over the wax and allowed to cool. Once the wax is cooled it grips onto the hair and then the strips are quickly taken away removing the hair from its roots. 

It may be a little sore and tender for a start but the reward of the end result lovely soft and smooth, hairless skin is well worth a little discomfort!

On the other hand, If you’re not sure this is for you there are always alternatives such as home, off the shelf options like bleaching, shaving, hair removal creams, epilating, electrolysis and light treatment.

See our next blog for further information on CHOICES OF HAIR REMOVAL


Spray tans are also offered by many reputable salons, they offer a painless way to achieve that Mediterranean holiday look, but without even going away or by way of the sun! The procedure is painless, and it involves you stripping down to your undies or birthday suit (whichever suits you). The choice of how deep a tan you would like and vary from a light golden tan to a deep brown tan. Then you will the spray cubicle where the clinician will ask you to turn around slowly whilst she sprays on the liquid tan so that you get an even, all over, body tan. It’s as simple as that!

Your new tan will last for up to 10 days depending on how dark your chosen shade was, a lighter shade up to 5 days and a medium tan shade up to 8 days. The good thing is nobody will know it is not a real tan only you!

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This is a must if you want beautiful hands and feet with lovely nails to finish off your pamper day experience. A very relaxing and enjoyable treatment, having your broken, uneven and maybe unsightly nails transformed with a touch of clipping, filing, cuticle clipping, dead tissue removal in hangnails is any, repairing, shaping, buffing and smoothing. Finished off with a relaxing hand massage with oil or cream, until your hands and nails look a treat! Then ultimately finished off with a French nail polish or coloured fingernail polish.


Same as for hands but performed on the feet except for

the back of the feet which are doused and gently scoured to remove any dead skin cells leaving the base of the feet both smooth and soft. Toenails are cleaned paying close attention to ingrown toenails and fragile nails. Giving the feet a more alluring appearance.

I hope you have found this helpful!  Don't forget in part 3 of this blog you can find out the differences between individual types of hair removal, the procedure and the outcome.

Until next time!

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