Wedding Prep Pamper Day !

Pamper Day 

Your wedding day is almost here, and the sorted list looks something like this dress ✓ hair ✓ make-up ✓ shoes ✓ all that is missing is the final “me time” before the big day! Yes! that’s right, a pamper day!  
The final finishing touches to your complete look!  As after all you, "the bride" deserve it.
ie. Facial, massage, sauna, waxing, spray tan, manicure and pedicure.  

New to Beauty Treatments
But first for those of you who have never experienced the above here’s a heads up of what you can expect!  
Let's start with a  


– Gives your face a cleaner, clearer looking complexion leaving your face looking and feeling great! 

A home facial Is a way of taking away all the dirt and oil that gets absorbed in the pores in your face, from day to day living. Although washing with soap takes care of some of the day to day cleansing, a facial complete with a facial scrub like Superdrug vitamin E or cleansing wash like the Clinique foaming cleansing wash to exfoliate and remove all of the surface dead skin, deep cleanses to clean the pores and thus prevent spots etc.  Next, a good toner as described on Nivea's website will help close your pores, thus stopping dirt, make-up etc from entering them and preventing spots and blemishes to prepare your face for any moisturiser, oils and make-up! Last but not least is the Moisturiser whether it be cream or oil, moisturisers can be obtained for various skin types including dry, oily or combination skin, if you're not sure which one to go for try the all-round Neutragena hydro boost gel cream. This is usually the last skin preparation before applying makeup, it is used for protecting, moisturizing and lubricating the face.

Facial Clear Skinjpg

A Clinic Facial and what to expect

A clinic facial is a lot similar to a home facial. at a 1-hour clinic facial you should first expect to receive an examination of your skin type followed by a treatment that's best for your own skin type, based on these findings. Like a home facial, treatment usually includes a cleanse, massage and moisturise followed by light steam to open and clean the pores then a toner, leaving your face feeling beautifully clean and fresh. Although treatments might vary depending on the clinic.


– RELAX - all you need is a lovely massage with delightfully smelling soft oils and the tender touch of the masseur you can drift away and let all that pre-wedding nerves and tension just drift away!  

Beauty Treatment massage clinicjpg 

What to expect

Firstly, the receptionist will ask you to undress and put on a robe, there will either be a communal locker room or maybe you can change in the treatment room before the massage. It will be entirely your choice whether you choose to keep your underwear on or not, this will depend on how you feel you can best relax, but bear in mind going braless might be easier for the masseur! Once in the treatment room, the clinician will then leave to allow for you to remove the robe and climb onto the couch, lie face down and cover with the privacy towel provided. Then the relaxing massage can begin the therapist will readily take on board any request you might have as to the pressure provided whether you would like it softer or firmer is entirely up to you! The therapist will guide you through the massage whilst trying to get you to relax and release tension by manipulating muscles, at some point, you will be asked to turn over. At the end of the massage, the massage will leave the room so that you can robe up and head off for a shower, you may want to rinse off the massage oil away before you get dressed although this is not compulsory!

Over the next day or so you may experience slight discomfort like tenderness or soreness in some areas as a result of massaging where it brings oxygen to the muscles. This may be more noticeable in areas of your body that where your muscles were more knotted. 

Back at the reception, when paying it is customary to leave a 10% tip, an envelope is provided at the desk, although this is optional, if you would like to pay it is up to you, and how much is for you to decide as depends on how much you enjoyed it!

Next time

– Going for a Sauna, Waxing, Spray Tan, Manicure and Pedicure and what to expect.  

See you next time! :-)

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