In my thinking the best kind of lingerie is lingerie that makes you feel good, it’s flattering to your figure and you don’t know that you’re wearing it!

For the descriptive terminology of the “bra”, I have selected this paragraph from the "Collins English Dictionary". 

” BRASSIERE in British English (ˈbræsɪə , ˈbræz-)

NOUN a woman's undergarment for covering and supporting the breasts 

Often shortened to bra “.

From the Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers

FACT - The history behind the name “the bra” according to Wikipedia is as follows -
the name “Bra” is short for “Brassiere” and is the French word for underarm. For more fascinating intel visit Wikipedia -

bra styles jpg


BRA STYLES - The above pic shows the different bra styles and a description  

In order to enhance the look of the bust under clothing finding the right bra is essential, if the size is right and they will fit correctly they should not slip, ride or dig in! Full cup bras are best to be worn under dresses, jumpers and tops that start at the neckline. Half cup ones go with plunge line tops, low-neck dresses, and low-cut t-shirts and blouses. Sports bras are great when you are exercising, running, jogging etc or playing tennis, badminton, squash, football, in fact, any physical sports that involve lots of movement.  



It is important to have the correct bra size as it is not only uncomfortable, but it can cause all sorts of problems! If you follow a few simple steps you can find out what your actual bra size is. Follow this link to "Marks and Spencers" Bra size calculator showing you step by step how to find your correct bra size.


For your wedding day, you may be looking for something a little more flattering perhaps an all-in-one Basque (Take a look at this beautiful white Wedding Basque online at ASOS, you can purchase online) with suspender belt and stockings or a bra set with matching knickers/pants! Chosen from lovely white-lace or maybe light-blue lace to make up the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, but, if you prefer darker colours that’s fine too, just make sure they are not going to show through to your wedding dress as you don’t want all of your guests to know what choice of underwear you’ve chosen for your big day :).  

I had that problem at a wedding once, I was on the dance floor having a great time, as you do, I was wearing a red bra under a navy dress, I actually thought that would be ok dark colours together, someone had taken a photo of me with a flash and it had lit up my dress which had become transparent in the flashlight, it showed right through to my bra and knickers, then next day to my horror, a good friend thought it would be fun to share it on Facebook! So be wary and for-warned when choosing your colour combination.

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My chosen preferences do vary as I favour the Lacey bikini ones, the high leg. I did try the string ones years ago but now I am older I prefer the ones with a bit more material. The larger “Bridget Jones” style pants are great if you want a more seamless look if you're wearing a tight-fitting dress, as there’s nothing as ugly as lots of underwear bulges when you want to look your best! 


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Everyone is different and I think that everyone knows their own mind when it comes to choosing below the waist lingerie. There are some lovely knickers and pants on the market, thanks to boutique and lingerie shops like ANNE SUMMERS, TRIUMPH, M & S, NEXT, and online stores like

So why not dive in and see what’s on offer!

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If you decide to go the whole way with matching stockings don’t forget you can always finish off with a cheeky lace GARTER, which can also go toward your lucky “something new or something blue”. Check out Etsy for a beautiful assortment  

I hope you have fun choosing your wedding day lingerie, and that you look fantastic!

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Photo's by Mandy von Stahl and Chalo Garcia on Unsplash