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We all love "LEGO" anyone who has built something out of Lego will know it is very addictive yet so versatile. Since 1932 children have been enjoying Lego, in 2012 it celebrated its 80th birthday. The ability to create makes Lego such a well-loved toy and with special lego, packs can give children hours of fun! Seasonal fun with the Lego "Winter Snowball Fight".

The Lego Snowball Fight is a festive Lego playset for children aged 7 and over and is made  by  the Lego Company

The Lego "Winter Snowball Fight".

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photo courtesy of Lego

A couple of Video review and how to build this lego playset, to see these on Youtube click here for review and here for how to!

How to play

The all New! Lego "Winter Snowball Fight" item number (40424). Is a fitting and affordable seasonal gift for children aged from 7 up!

This LEGO® Iconic playset will definitely get your children excited. Firstly unpack all of the lego from the box and make them up using the instruction in the pack! Alternatively, see the lego tutorial video above if you need to.

The set is filled with the following features: a buildable snow fort, snowball catapult, hill with a sledge-launch function, snowman, tree and a table with mug and cookie elements to create realistic scenes.

Your children will love the excitement that can be made with this kit! Which also includes boy and girl mini-figures in winter outfits, plus a husky dog mini-figure.

This Lego set can be played alone or with friends. So what are you waiting for! Join in the fun with The Lego "Winter Snowball Fight" Set today!

Makers: Lego


photo courtesy of Lego

What you get

Kids can enjoy hours of winter fun with this action-packed LEGO® Iconic Winter Snowball Fight playset, featuring a buildable snow fort, catapult with snowball elements, a hill with sledge-launch function, snowman and more.

This 149-piece building kit makes a brilliant seasonal gift idea for ages 7 and up. It includes boy and girl mini-figures, each with puffer jacket decoration, plus a husky dog figure to play out happy winter scenes.

The hill measures over 3” (9cm) high, 3” (8cm) wide and1” (5cm) deep. Together with the sledge, snow fort, catapult, tree, table, mini-figures and accessories, it fits in a child’s backpack ready for play on the go.

There are lots more exciting playsets, in the LEGO Range, to choose from, ranging from 1-2, 3in -5, 6-8, 9-11 and 12+. You can see them all at

 For children 7 and up

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My Verdict

Everyone loves LEGO, well at least, all the people I know and have ever met! So for hours of fun and creation join the Lego lovers this Christmas :-)

My next Christmas toy is a more unusual toy and is called "The Pooping Flamingo". So just out of curiosity, I had to include this Xmas Toy.

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Front Photo by Zabdi Beltran on Unsplash