"Scandal" by Jean Paul Gautier" my findings

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier - A Paris eau de toilette

Is a fruity perfume that was released in 2017

“A honey chypre. During the day, it's a delicious, fresh honey with the wonderful scent of gardenia and blood orange. At night it's a sensual and scandalous honey combined with patchouli: an addiction that's just so Jean Paul Gaultier”.

Scandal by JPGaultierjpg
initial photo by Sue Wilkinson and JPG

Where to purchase?

Available from Origines get 80ml for £55.03 click here for details

Here's my take on it ...

Bottle Design:

Dramatic, ladies legs shooting out from the perfume bottle, creating a feature silver cap, on top of a glass bottle in pink glass and with front "Scandal" motif -

Bottle Design LOVELINESS Points: I give this a 3 out of 5 ****

The Perfume

Initial thoughts:

A subtle perfume, a pleasant aroma, comforting and caring vibes, feeling when wearing it, is like a warm blanket.
Not too imposing, this perfume lasts throughout the day!  Calming, relaxing, sweet and mellow.

Comments from others:

Gently aromatic, not overpowering, mellow but lingering and loved

My vote

I give this perfume a 7/10, beautiful, but not dramatic, more of a background than a forefront aroma.


Front photo by Photo by JPG and Sue Wilkinson