My Top Ten Perfumes by Bottle Design

I am a bit of a perfume lover yet I still like the idea of having a beautiful perfume bottle to display on my dressing table. I think that most women/girls would agree, to have or receive a beautiful smelling perfume that comes in an eye-catching bottle would be delightful. Even if the perfume is not quite to their taste at least they still have the beautiful bottle.

So here you have it, my top 10 perfumes that I have chosen by the style and shape of the bottle! Taken from the top most-popular perfumes that are available today!

perfume by bottle 2jpg

In order of my favourite first is
  1. R.E.M by Ariana Grande
    This perfume bottle is reminiscent of the Snow Queen Elsa's Castle in the film "Frozen", with tall icicles surrounding the jewel, that is, the perfume in the centre.

    on sale at Superdrug 30ml for £27 click for details


  2. “GOOD GIRL" Fantastic Pink by Carolina Herrera
    Wow, this bottle is really beautiful, a glittery pink stiletto shoe. So different to your usual perfume bottle and so elegant.

    on sale at Perfume's Club 80ml for £70.58. click for details


  3. Bond No9 - Dubai Blue Diamond Eau de Parfum
    This gorgeous star-shaped bottle is decorated with 550 beautiful, sparkling Swarovski crystals, each one is hand-set in sapphire blue. They make this bottle a touch of luxury and make it a privilege to own!

    on sale at Perfume Master 100ml for $925 approx £696  click for details


  4. La Vie Est Belle Eclat, eau de toilette, by Lancome
    A beautiful crystal-cut bottle, with a touch of je ne sais quoi, representative an elegant lady adorned with a stylish neck scarf!

    on sale at Selfridges 100ml for £63  click for details


  5. Daisy Daze by Marc-Jacobs
    A recognisable perfume bottle, with a beautiful angular shape and decorated with colourful daisy faux flowers.

    on sale at Very 50ml for £59  click for details


  6. Born in Roma by Valentino Donna eau de parfum
    This decanter styled perfume bottle is of a beautiful cut glass design, that is set off by the pink colour of the perfume against the black on the collar and label.

    on sale
    at Eau De Parfum 50ml + 15ml purse spray for £73  click for details


  7. Miss Dior Rose N Roses Eau de Toilette by Dior
    A simple yet elegant rectangle, crystal cut down the sides. it has a chunky block clear lid over a silver press button spray lid, then finished with a matching silver bow.

    on sale
    at Boots 100ml with Gift Box for £94 click for details


  8. Moschino Pink Bouquet eau de toilette Spray

    I'm a big fan of "hearts" so this one had to be included! An adorable pink-glass love-heart decorated with a metallic jacket with patterned dots over it. Finished off with a matching pink spray button cover. What's not to like!

    on sale
    at Very 50ml for £59  click for details


  9. LALIQUE Soleil Lalique Eau de Parfum (100ml)

    This beautiful perfume bottle is by the one and only "Lalique", a beautiful glass sun inspired bottle with a gold top. Around the neck of the bottle is a chain with a faux chinese lantern look bead with a Chime Charm and at the other end is a "Soleil Lalique" engraved Golden Disc. Making this bottle a must have collectible, just to be able to say "I own a piece of Lalique" would be something, even if it is only a perfume bottle.

    on sale
    at Harrods 100ml for £100  click for details


  10. Sol de Janeiro Sol Cheirosa 62 eau de parfum
    Another "Sun" themed perfume bottle with a gold glistening ball top on top of the glass bottle goes well with the gold colour of the perfume. Finished with a transfer of the perfume name, with a crescent sun design encompassing it.

    on sale
    at LookFantastic 50ml for £78  click for details


    That is the end of my top ten perfume by bottle design list, to all those perfume bottle fans out there and everyone else who has joined us I hope you have found one or two that might have been of interest.

    Until next time!

    Sue W

    on behalf of 

    Front picture image by Sue Wilkinson and the above perfume companies