Make-up for the Big Day!

Finish the look 

You’ve got the dress and hairstyle all sorted so now it's time to think about your make up!  

Whether or not you usually wear cosmetics it is a good idea to experiment, a new look on your wedding day could make you feel that extra bit more special. In my mind, there are 3 main beauty looks to aim when choosing your make-up, 1. a natural look, 2. a subtle look and then there's 3. the high impact.

See the examples pictured below

From Natural to Impactjpg


1. the natural look – subtle makeup to bring out your best facial characteristics and to take care of the not so flattering ones.  

2. the more noticeable but subtle look – adding more colour like a complementary eyeshadow and a fetching lipstick to draw their attention.

3. then there’s the high impact look – with a bolder colour of lipstick, fuller lashes and a prominent eyeshadow.

New to make-up?

If you're not familiar with makeup the best and fun idea is to experiment a little with a touch of lipstick and maybe an eyeshadow to add a bit of colour. When purchasing cosmetics if you're not sure about what to buy there is usually someone who can give you advice so don’t be afraid to ask!

Makeup tip

I have been wearing makeup for many years now and in my experience, I find that it is always best to look for brand names, this way you can be sure that they are safe to wear, as they are safety tested to prevent skin or eye problems. As with using cheaper brands, there is always that risk!  

 New to make upjpg

My tips


Moisturising is key to preventing your skin from drying out and help you stay looking younger for longer. A good base to your makeup is a cream foundation or face powder to hide any imperfections i.e. spots and blemishes.

Followed by a blusher and highlighter to bring out those cheekbones and eyes for an amazing look!


If you want good eye definition a good eyeliner either liquid or kohl is a must! Wear close to the eye for the best results to show off your eyes and to widen the eye try applying it under the eyelashes.
I don’t usually wear eyeshadow but in the past, I would wear it all the time! My favourite eyeshadow was a Maybelline eyeshadow it not only looked good, but it was also very wearable and lasted all day long!  

False eyelashes and mascarajpg

A good mascara whether it’s a natural or an impact look or false eyelashes is proving very popular for the ’20s. So many to choose from and with lots of amazing effects, for instance, the “falses mascara” that is now available, that is used to replicate false eyelashes and the latest eyelash lengthening mascara to make your eyes really stand out!


Lipstick can make a big difference when it comes to beauty, and they are after all one of the main and most noticeable features of a face. They come in so many colours so you are guaranteed in finding one to suit you and that will coordinate with your outfit. Lip pencils are also a good idea to help define your lips and with a good lip-gloss to seal your lipstick and add additional shine  

My favourite type of lipstick is usually the moisture lipsticks, specifically, "Rimmel moisture renew” as they help to prevent dry, sore and even cracked lips.

My to 5 brand names Dior etcjpg 

Brands my top 5

Dior, Maybelline, Max Factor, Rimmel and Avon

Found in my makeup bag

so I can personally recommend these and maybe you should give them a try!

Maybelline – Lash sensational lash multiplying mascara, master precise eye- pen and kohl crayon liner.

Avon Cosmetics – Ideal flawless pressed powder, eyebrow pencil with a comb

Rimmel – Moisture renew lipsticks

No 7 - Moisture drench lipsticks
Nivea – Pearly Shine lip balm
Delaney Cosmetics – This was my favourite a mineral-based all-in-one blush/highlighter and concealer and came with a lovely brush applicator.

find a local make up artistjpg

If in the event you are unsure or you cannot achieve your perfect look yourself there are many affordable make-up artists in the Leicester area. I have found a few for you to consider -:

Jemma Swinfield - Hair and Makeup Artist - based in Quorn, Leicester
Manisha - Multi award-winning, Professional Hair and Makeup Artist - based in Leicester
VIP Bridal Makeup Artist - Member of the British Association Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC) - based in Thorpe Astley, Leicester
Kepbeauty - Makeup Artists Erika and Kristina - based in Leicester
Leanne Brown - Makeup Artist - based in Ratby, Leicestershire

I hope this wedding make-up blog has been helpful in your journey to a perfect wedding day, please come back and check out my next blog on “ shoes flats or heels” where I will show you the best looks for 2020 for you on your wedding day!

See you next time!  :-)


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