I've just tried "Miroir Des Majestes" the eau de parfum.

Is a fruity perfume that was released in 2012 created by perfumer Natalie Lorson

“An invitation into an opulent world made of gold mirrors and precious objects. A voluptuous and sensual elixir of a thousand and one nights. A fresh uplift of coriander seeds and cardamom is prolonged with the sensuality of orange blossom and jasmine. The amber and oud fragrance trail leaves an exhilarating impression”.

Miroir des Joyaux by Thierry Mugler

Miroir des Majestes frontjpg
initial photo by Sue Wilkinson 

Where to purchase?

Available from inkcolour on eBay get 100ml for £55.70 click here for details

Here's my take on it ...

Bottle Design:

A standard rectangular glass-bottle decorated with an elegant pattern in silver and with a matching angular silver lid. 

Bottle Design LOVELINESS Points:

I give this a 2 out of 5 **** 

The Perfume

Initial thoughts:

A poignant perfume, with festive cinnamon and fruity-orange aroma, with a woodland highland, Christmas feel. This perfume is long-lasting and stays throughout the day, although not to the extent that it's overly imposing!

Comments from others:

Florally aromatic, strong and lasting, with a floral/potpourri essence and with warm undertones.

My vote

I give this perfume a 5/10, as it is a warming, vibrant, strong, outgoing and more of a forefront perfume than a backstep aroma. Not a strong contender for me personally hence 5 out of 10!


Front photo created by Sue Wilkinson