Gift ideas for Women at Christmas

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Gifts for Women this Christmas 2020


Perfume and Giftsets -

is a good choice of gift, one of the best presents to buy especially if you know their favourite perfume or you can always choose one to the many lovely perfumes around today!

If you choose the latter why not take a look at our blog on Scents and Perfumes

Like this "Baylis and Harding Cranberry and Martini Mini Gift Set" selling at the "Perfume Shop" click here for more...

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Image Credit: Ocado and Sue Wilkinson

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Make-up/Cosmetics  -

You can't be a touch of glitter in your make-up box at Christmas/New Years to get you into the party mood! I like to choose a brand name such as Maybelline, Dior, Boots 17, Max Factor to name but a few!

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Toiletries -

Pamper Sets, Bubbles, Bath bombs, Massage Oils ideal for helping you to relax during the Festive Season.

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An Elegant Watch

Like those gorgeous watches, you can get in the "Seksy" range, trust me I'm a woman, I know. There's something for everyone and all at affordable prices which is always a plus!


image by Eternity the Jewellers and Sue Wilkinson

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Jewellery -

Most ladies love jewellery either a nice pair of earrings, a pendant, bracelet or a lovely scarf/lapel broach. All depending on the age of the person you have in mind.

Affordable Gold and Silver Jewellery are easily obtainable online or from your local high street jewellers. You can also opt for Costume, Fashion Jewellery, which is available at most designer stores and is equally as popular!

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Hat, Glove and Scarf Sets

A Fashion and Practical gift idea, to keep you ladies both smart and cosy.
Cashmere and Wool being the most sort after.

 Like these Cashmere, Lambswool, and Chenile

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A New Handbag

Day bag or Evening bag a useful fashion item, with a lot of scope.

Although an excellent, day-time handbag in leather, personally I have a favourite that I use all the time usually black leather big enough to hold my necessities and small enough as to not get in the way! Depending on the lady you have in mind, make a note of her habits as this will make the choice of the bag much easier. For instance, if she has different bags for different outfits then a coloured bag would be an idea, or if she prefers a certain colour or size handbag. Evening handbags are usually a small clutch style, with a large buckle, sparkle or a recognisable named motif!

Valentino , Accesorize , River Island

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Whether it's a new Top, Jumper, Coat or a pair of Slippers, a lovely idea as long as you know their size! As the last thing you want is to get the wrong size if you can help it!

Here are a few Clothing ideas

I found a great looking jumper by. River Island a stylish, Sequin Panelled Hoody,
I'm just crazy about this Leopard print Coat by Abercrombie and Fitch

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Have a lovely time with your Christmas shop! Come back next time for my method of cooking your Christmas Turkey for a flavoursome, melt in your mouth, gastronomic delight! Well at least that's what I have been told :-) 

"Merry Christmas" everyone !!


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front photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels