During COVID 19 couples are being restricted to smaller guest numbers, at present you are only allowed up to 15 people per wedding including bride and grooms! I have thought of a few ideas for couples who are planning a wedding during the COVID 19 pandemic, DIY wedding, including doing your own decor and or hiring!

To add colour  


BALLOONS - You can purchase arch balloon kits quite cheaply online from WISH, eBay or AMAZON. Great effect when used as an enhancement for a top table, or as an outdoor wedding garden feature!

balloon arch frames a doorwayjpg

the image above as seen on Pinterest


Again can work out quite reasonable if purchased from supermarkets such as Asda and Morrisons, where you can purchase bunches of flowers for as little as £3 a bunch, or you could even try your local florist if you shop around. Great for table posies, flower arrangements etc.

Video is entitled “HOW TO MAKE a $15 Flower Arrangement with *only* TRADER JOES FLOWERS!”. 

This is the kind of thing I think you would find useful as it shows Ashlyn (who is in the US ) going to her local supermarket selection the different flowers she needs to create a beautiful flower arrangement at home that can be adapted with a little imagination for your wedding!

beautiful Bouquets using faux flowersjpg


is also an option, ETSY has some beautiful faux flowers and DUNELM – for a selection of artificial flowers and plants. Here is a video I found on PINTEREST showing how to create beautiful BOUQUETS using faux flowers. 

for vases, you can either use your own, purchase them from DUNELM or THE RANGE or take a look on the internet as there are many deals available. Alternatively, if you want to you can hire vases in bulk from WEDDING SUPPLIERS in your Area!

water beads in vasejpg


Can also produce a lovely colourful effect on your tables. They can be used in vases and fishbowls with flowers or candles. They come in small packets and are the size of small seeds, available in a choice of colours. All you need to do is put them in water for a couple of hours or better still overnight and they swell to about a cm in diameter see photo below!


These can be achieved easily by digging out that paint easel in the loft and using a chalkboard or mirror can have an eye-catching effect as well as a practical one! Also, you can hire locally from your wedding supplier or purchase from your craft shop. WEDDING LADDERS can also be used as a Wedding Planner places like online store WDTDH (wedding supplier to Leicester/Leicestershire) also hire them out complete with decorative florals, string and pegs. 

Wedding props - wedding laddersjpg


T-lights are an excellent choice along with posey florals on your guest tables. You can even add a touch of grandeur with a candlestick or two! Candelabra can also be a lovely touch together with a mirror plate to add additional sparkle. Rustic is a popular choice at the moment with it being Autumn, a hand-decorated jute-covered jar tied with string contains a candle, LED’s or battery light can create a warming glow as a centrepiece placed on a log ring with matching jute covered jar holding a posey. To finish this, look a runner made of jute down the centre of a rectangular table makes for a perfect finish to a rustic theme.

a hand-decorated jute covered jarjpg 


These can be made quite simple as just a horizontally folded card or why not add a stick and place it in the centre-piece flower vase, or even a name or number label attached around your centre vase would also suffice. Or if you prefer not to create your own there are lots of budget ideas available for purchase or hire for instance you can get a range of cardholders from crystal ones to rustic bark ones. You could go for the chalk-board signs or there’s even canvas on an easel, hearts on stand with chalkboard hearts.   


Your guest will easily be able to spot where they are to sit with a plain card “place name marker”, a good idea would be to combine your wedding favour with a label such as in the floral “rose in a bottle” favour that comes with a name-tag/label already attached, ready for you to jot down the name of your guest!


Can be DIY well partially at that, if you purchase the very reasonable flat-pack favours that come in a variety of styles and colours. Once made up then you can choose your own sweets/presents to place in for the perfect final table decoration. Available at WDTDH available for next day shipping.


For a last-minute bit of sparkle, you can add TABLE DIAMONDS small diamond-shaped beads about half a cm in size, scattered around adds a sparkling effect just like the TABLE CONFETTI both are inexpensive and make your wedding breakfast all that more special.

One place I forgot to mention is HOBBYCRAFT.  It is also a good shop to visit if you want more ideas for DIY WEDDING DECOR! I just remembered this great wedding decor shop is also online and have a good range of wedding decor and potential wedding decor depending on how much or little crafting you decide to do.

Once again, I hope you have enjoyed my blog and I hope it has been both useful and informing.